SAFEPASS.ME is a lightweight solution that ensures your organisation does not use compromised passwords in your cyberspace.

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The Mission

We collated the most comprehensive collection of compromised/hacked passwords so you don't have to! was created specifically to address international password standards and guidelines —specifically, the need to check user passwords against public database breaches. does this in the most efficient way, using a probabilistic data structure and artificial intelligence (AI) to minimise the query time and size of the overall memory footprint on the system. We check for over 517 million passwords in a fraction of a second!

Once you install, you can say goodbye to compromised passwords.


Stay Safe

With, we help you both achieve and exceed your cybersecurity goals AND say goodbye to frustrating and complex password policies. Deploying will also help your cybersecurity team sleep a night, reduce the frustration of your users and lower the number of helpdesk tickets related to password resets.

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Compliance Friendly is THE Password Filter that can enable your organisation to be compliant with international standards and guidelines regarding password cybersecurity policies.

EASY TO INSTALL installs in under 3 minutes. It works on Active Directory systems and is licensed per Active Directory Objects.


Once installed, needs almost no maintenance. When the password databases are updated, or new compliance requirements are created, we wills end you an email. Just download the update and click a button. Easy.

MEET COMPLIANCE is THE Password Filter that is enabling your organisation to be complete compliant with international standards and guidelines regarding password cybersecurity policies.


FEATURES is for any organisation large or small that wishes to stay safe and easily protect themselves from common cyber attacks e.g. credential stuffing and password spraying.


Deploy the software in your cyberspace in less-than-5mins stopwatch in hand! We have done everything we could to minimise the frustration of our users. IT teams love our minimal, easy-to-automate Windows installer based installation process and appreciate the reduction in helpdesk tickets associated with password resets.


Our smart architecture is maximising availability. It reduces the number of points-of-failure, and increases your cyberspace's security. Unlike the solutions proposed by our competitors, with us, your credentials do not leave the machine they are processed on. 


THE Password Filter that is compliant with the current best practices as agreed by various international standards and guidelines organisations. We have done the hard work so that you don't have to.


We ship a superset of very large blacklist maintained by Troy Hunt —called HaveIBeenPwned. To this day, we have over 517 million of breached passwords and counting, moreover, we let you bring your own dictionary that we fuzzily match. We do the hard work so that you don't have to.


Our affordable plans make it easy to pay monthly or yearly. Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, we have the right solution for you.

LOW RISK is change process compatible. We do not force you to update. You remain in control of the version of the software you run and it keeps working as it did when it was installed. We will provide regular updates with new features, but the maintenance burden is minimal.



Join the ranks of the most secure companies

With, you are in the 9% of the most secure companies in the world.

We put you in control and stop your users from choosing passwords found on compromsied data lists. 



Try for 14 days. Fill out the form, and we will review your information and send you a link to download the software.


International Password Cybersecurity Standards & Guidelines

  • National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – Password Guidance: Simplifying Your Approach (Aug 2016) (link)

  • National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – The problems with forcing regular password expiry (Oct 2016) (link)

  • National Institute of Standards (NIST) – Password Guidance (Sep 2017) (link)

  • Microsoft – Password Guidance (May 2016) (link)


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